Business Financing & Budgeting Services

If you are looking for ways to better manage the finances of your business, then budgeting and forecasting will help you to ensure you have a tool in maximizing the value of your investment and resources.

We help you to set-up your budget, arrange for your periodic rolling forecast, provide you a comparative analysis of your budget vs. forecast vs. actual results. On top of that, we provide you a narrative recommendation to assist you in your decision making.

We provide comparative financial reports on your sales, production, Cost & expenses, Cash flow projection and analysis necessary to manage your business and make better decisions.

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The cash flow requirement of your business can be daunting if not address properly.   The main goal of business financing is to raise capital to meet the business working capital to manage the business. Those needs can range from day to day revolving cash of the business, equipment purchases to renovations, stock purchases, Business expansion, financing a new project all of which help your business to grow further in its industry. Next is to get this capital at the least cost for your business to ensure that you will be able to meet the repayment obligation.

Currently, there are various facilities that are available for you to assist in your cash requirements.

Micro loan programme (MLP) this is under SPRING Singapore which can assist to finance your business daily operations or automate and upgrade your factory and equipment.

Micro Credit Business scheme (MCBS)

We can assist you in preparing the requirements for the loan including the business plan required.

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Fund Raising via Equity or Loan 

Our team under Aura Group division, we will assist our clients for their fund raising on their project or business idea. Our team can assist to  construct your business plan, investor pitch deck , finding right investor to invest in your business.


The Singapore government have provided various initiatives to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in various businesses.

We can assist you in tapping to PIC grant and subsidies to save your company tax payables, cash pay-out and deferral of tax.

PIC covers activities on Automation equipment, Employees’ training, Intellectual property rights, Research & development and investment in approved design project.

Government PIC grant will be end by Year of Assessment 2018.



Your business from time to time requires a specific one-time function/service that requires a full time professional staff to manage it for a short period of time. There are times that your current Finance head have an emergency either due to maternity leave/long compassionate leave/Medical leave/Sabbatical leave and you will need a temporary staff who is an experience Finance professional who can hit the ground running to cover the period when your staff is away so as not to disrupt your operation. There are also times that you have a specific project or special task that your current staffs is not able to cover either due to work load or the task is so specialized that it requires a specific expertise to undertake the project/task, then we can cover this project for you deliver the result required.

Outsource finance function that we can cover:

  • Act as Regional/Financial Controller
  • Act as Finance manager
  • Implementation of process improvement in your Accounting and Finance department
  • Preparation for external audit
  • Conduct Internal audit
  • Implementation of Accounting software
  • Set-up the Budgeting and forecasting business model for your group of companies, business segment or company products.
  • Coordinate the Financial consolidation of various business segment & locations of your business

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Every company must endeavour to implement a good internal control system to safeguard company assets, ensure reliability and integrity of the financial information, Ensure compliance and promote efficiency and effective operations. A good internal control system include control activities such as preventive control activities which aim to deter the instance of errors or fraud like thorough documentation and authorization practices. Detective control activities identify undesirable occurrences after the fact such as reconciliation. A good internal control best practice regularly communicates to all its stakeholders and updates and reminders of its internal control procedures, Conduct a periodic risk assessment and management should promote its support and implementation of these internal control practices.

Aura Partners can assist you in the implementation of your internal control procedure for your company;

  • Identify gaps and issues and provide recommendation
  • Set-up internal control procedure
  • Conduct a period audit review to ensure compliance to your Company policies and procedures
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your company policies & procedures

We can cover various aspect of your operation such as Accounting, Office administration, Human resources, Procurement, Sales, Production and other function related to your business.

Our services cover documentation, training, implementation and monitoring.

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